Interview with Pat DiNizio in Ventura County Star

The Ventura County Star recently interviewed Smithereens’ frontman Pat DiNizio, who talks about the Smithereens, past and present, sticking together as a band for 32 years, and what he’d do if he were the new judge on American Idol! Check it out!

Meet The Smithereens at Indie West Fest in Ventura

By Bill Locey
July 26, 2012
The Ventura County Star

“Anyone who works as frequently as The Smithereens should consider themselves lucky and even at this stage in our career, we finally played Carnegie Hall two years ago. There’s been a lot of milestones. And you can’t predict anything. You can only just keep working and working and have a ‘never quit” attitude.’ – Pat DiNizio

Pat DiNIzio

Pat DiNIzio