Smithereens headline Naper Nights

The Smithereens headline the Naper Nights concert series on Sat. June 23, in Naperville IL. “We’re thrilled The Smithereens are coming to Naper Settlement,” said Donna DeFalco of Naper Settlement. “Naper Nights presents an eclectic mix of music that truly celebrates the American spirit, and Naper Settlement offers such a unique venue to listen to live music in an outdoor setting on our beautiful grounds.”

Smithereens to play Naper Nights at Naper Settlement

by Jane Donahue
Naperville Sun
June 20, 2012

“An essential part of The Smithereens is that we make it real every night,” Pat DiNizio said. “We know what the first song of the set will be, and then I choose (the next) based upon how the audience is reacting. It drives our sound man crazy, it drives the lighting director crazy, but it keeps it fresh every night.”

Naper Nights