The Smithereens to play closing show at Kenny’s Castaways

After 45 years, Kenny’s Castaways, a fixture in the New York Village music scene, will be closing its doors on Oct. 1st.

The Smithereens played many a show there in their formative years, and will be playing the last concert ever at Kenny’s Castaways, along with Willie Nile. The show is free, no tickets are required, and starts at 9pm, Mon. Oct. 1. Filling in on bass for Severo “The Thrilla” Jornacion that night will be Kenny Howes.

This is sure to be a historic rock and roll concert! Don’t miss The Smithereens playing at the house they used to live in!

Kenny’s Castaways is featured in a just published book called New York Originals: A Guide to the City’s Classic Shops & Mom-and-Pops written by Jamie McDonald and published by Rizzoli Books. The books tells the story of 75 family-owned small businesses in New York City; their dreams and struggles.

The Smithereens
Monday October 1, 2012
FREE SHOW – No tickets required
Kenny’s Castaways
157 Bleecker Street, New York

After 45 years, Kenny’s Castaways will be closing

Kenny’s Castaways on Bleecker Street, has been a fixture in the Greenwich Village music scene since 1967

Early Smithereens concert poster from 1980

Autographed Smithereens poster inside Kenny’s Castaways

The bar inside at Kenny’s