Twin heavyweight titans of New Jersey summit meeting!

Pat DiNizio has a chance encounter with New Jersey governor Chris Christie in Pat’s hometown of Scotch Plains NJ!

The Two Biggest Guys In Their Field Meet By Chance on Main Street, USA!

From Pat DiNizio:

So I’m walking down Park Avenue in my hometown of Scotch Plains, NJ, the other day, when I see a huge loud crowd in front of Town Hall. I am not interested in huge loud crowds (except at Smithereens concerts!), so I walk in the street to avoid the mayhem, when suddenly, I hear a voice call out to me from the center of the crowd “HEY PAT! HOW DID THE TOM PETTY TOUR GO?” I replied “”WHO’S THAT?” and walked over to the source of the voice, and am shocked to see that it is none other than NJ Governor Chris Christie! We posed for a photo together, and after I sized him up with a hug and a handshake, I thought to myself, “I could definitely take this guy in a wrestling match, no question about it.”

Pat DiNizio and NJ Governor Chris Christie

Pat DiNizio and NJ Governor Chris Christie