God Save the Smithereens – Demo Versions in iTunes store

The latest “Smithereens Archives” iTunes release, demo versions of 1999’s “God Save The Smithereens” is now available for pre-order in the iTunes Store. 21 tracks for $8.99. Order yours today!


God Save the Smithereens – Demo Versions

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Track Listing:
1. House At the End of the World [Different From EP:”Best Mix”]
2. Everything Changes [Hip Hop Version – No Vocals]
3. Everything Changes [Hip Hop Version – With Vocals]
4. Flowers In the Blood [No Vocals]
5. Flowers In the Blood [With Vocals]
6. The Long Loneliness
7. The Long Loneliness 2 [Different Demo Version]
8. Someday [With Vocals]
9. Someday [No Vocals]
10. The Age of Innocence
11. The Age of Innocence
12. Gloomy Sunday [Hip Hop Version – No Vocals]
13. Gloomy Sunday [Regular Demo – With Vocals]
14. I Believe [Danny Tate Vocals Demo]
15. I Believe [Pat Demo]
16. All Revved Up [Acoustic Demo]
17. All Revved Up [Rock Demo]
18. Even If I Never Get Back Home
19. Try
20. The Last Good Time
21. The Last Good Time 2 [“Welcome” Intro]