Live in Concert – Greatest Hits and More

Live in Concert – Greatest Hits and More
Release date: May 2008

  1. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  2. Drown In My Own Tears
  3. Miles From Nowhere
  4. Room Without A View
  5. Only A Memory
  6. House We Used To Live In
  7. Spellbound
  8. Since You Went Away
  9. She’s Got A Way
  10. Yesterday Girl
  11. Well Alright
  12. Especially For You
  13. Any Other Way
  14. Top Of The Pops
  15. Time And Time Again
  16. Blood And Roses
  17. A Girl Like You
  18. Batman Theme

The Smithereens return to the place where it all started! “Live In Concert – Greatest Hits and More” features music from The Smithereens’ four-night stint at The Court in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a musical home away from home for the group, which took place January 30th – February 2nd, 2008.

The album features live recordings of two brand new songs, “Any Other Way” and “Since You Went Away.” The set also includes Buddy Holly’s classic (and a big influence for The Smithereens) “Well Alright,” and the ripping interpretation of the “Batman” theme, a live staple for the band. A double-length album on one CD, it’s The Smithereens at their onstage best!