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Especially For You 30th anniversary

Especially For You 30th anniversary 2 CD set

The Smithereens celebrate the 30th anniversary of their classic 1986 album “Especially For You” with a special 2 CD set. 47 tracks of electric and acoustic live performances, vintage demos and rarities, direct from The Smithereens own archives!
US orders: $20.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA orders: $27.00 (includes postage)

Smithereens Play the Beatles Washington D.C. February 11, 1964 Concert

The Smithereens Play The Beatles Washington, D.C. February 11, 1964 Concert – Live CD

Fifty years after The Beatles played their first concert on American soil, The Smithereens pay tribute with their new CD! All new Smithereens recordings of 12 classic songs from the birth of Beatlemania, in the order that they were played at The Washington Coliseum on February 11, 1964…only louder than the screams, and with less jelly bean throwing!

$20.00 (includes postage)
Non-USA Orders: $27.00 (includes postage)
The Smithereens Play Tommy

The Smithereens Play Tommy

The Smithereens decided to make a proper, all-out studio version of one of the albums that inspired their rock dreams of becoming a band in the first place for this 40th anniversary tribute. The result is part Who, part Smithereens. Part totally familiar, and part unexpectedly unique… and 100% tour de force.

$20.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA orders $27.00 (includes postage)

Meet the Smithereens CD

Meet the Smithereens CD

The Smithereens pay tribute to one of the greatest rock & roll albums of all time! Includes “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Don’t Bother Me,” “Hold Me Tight,” “I Wanna Be Your Man” and more.
$20.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA orders: $27.00 (includes postage)


Live in Concert – Greatest Hits and More CD

The Smithereens return to the place where it all started! A high energy, definitive live album, recorded in 2008 at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey, featuring their greatest hits and two new songs, in front of a rabid hometown crowd. “A Girl Like You,” “Blood And Roses,” “Drown In My Own Tears,” “Time And Time Again,” “Room Without A View,” a classic 11 minute version of “House We Used To Live In”, a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Well Allright” and many more. A double-length album on one CD, it’s The Smithereens at their onstage best!

$20.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA Orders: $25.00 (includes postage)


Extended Versions Live CD

Fans have clamored for a Smithereens live album for years, and here it is! A scorching live set from 1996, featuring their greatest hits, including “A Girl Like You,” “Blood And Roses,” “Miles From Nowhere,” “House We Used To Live In,” “Love Is Gone” and more.
$20.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA Orders: $27.00 (includes postage)

Christmas with the Smithereens CD

“Christmas With the Smithereens CD

The Smithereens re-invent the Christmas album, and turn the genre completely upside-down! An amazing & rockin’ collection of great Christmas songs by The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Who, Ramones, Chuck Berry and other rock legends, done in the explosive trademark style of The Smithereens. Also includes three great, brand-new original Smithereens Christmas songs, and liner notes by Smithereens drummer and noted rock historian Dennis Diken.
$25.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA orders: $30 (includes postage)


“Christmas With the Smithereens CD Special Offer

Includes the Christmas With The Smithereens CD, and a personally autographed Christmas postcard from the band!
$30.00 (includes postage)

Non-USA Orders: $37.00 (includes postage)


Dennis Diken With Bell Sound CD “Night Music”

Dennis Diken steps out from behind The Smithereens’ drum kit, and in to the spotlight. 13 great new songs from Dennis, with collaborator Pete DiBella and producer Dave Amels, plus guests The Wondermints, Andy Paley, The Honeys and Jason Falkner.

$15.00 (includes postage)
Non-USA Orders: $22.00 (includes postage)
The Music from Jim Babak's Buzzed Meg

Jimi Babjak Solo CD “The Music From Jim Babjak’s Buzzed Meg, Vol. 1”

Guitarist Jim Babjak’s first solo release, featuring Dennis Diken on drums, Kurt Reil of The Grip Weeds on vocals, and Vince Grogan on bass. Includes Jim’s original demo version of “Love Is Gone”, plus “It Was A Pretty Dream”, “You’re So Cool”. “You Get Me So Excited” and more.
$20.00 (Includes Postage)

Non-USA Orders:$27.00 (Includes Postage)