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  • Smithereens on Marshall Crenshaw’s Bottomless Pit radio show

    Tune in to the replay of Marshall Crenshaw’s radio show “The Bottomless Pit” on WFUV for a special “Road Trip Recap” show featuring some Smithereens! Marshall Crenshaw has been playing with The Smithereens, Romantics and Tommy Tutone on “Rock of the Eighties” tour.


  • Smithereens 2011 makes WFUV’s listener and staff picks

    The “Smithereens 2011” was voted #47 in WFUV’s Best of 2011: Listener Poll! WFUV DJs also picked Smithereens 2011 as one of the top albums and “One Look At You” as one of the top songs of 2011.